Feral Systemic Healing Circle


A wild adventure in a an uncivilised world. It's taken decades of my life to come to this point. To be able to say what's going on with you? Systemic Trauma that's what's going on with me. From the education system to menstruation products there are so many ways that we have all been fucked over. For some people it's reglion. For some people it's economic. For 'others', race, gender, cultural identity and even sexuality. What the fuck has your sexuality got to do with anybody other than you and the person or people you choose to share or not share it with? So much of ourselves, our dreams, our visions and even our family lives have been lost to the onslaught of the system. Who we are supposed to be to be deemed viable? Who we are supposed to be in order to contribute to a failing collapsing system? We all want better, yet the problems seem to vast, to huge to overcome. We make one decision only to find that is has dire consequences for someone caught up in the ecological chain way down the line. Overthinking, overwhelm and anxiety have all become common place in our decision making processes. In fact paralysis can set in along with an impending sense of doom.

There is a way out. We so often want to change the world, or communities or even our families, yet we get frustrated confused. We become pained. We need to start with ourselves if we are going to get anywhere. We need to know where and how the toxic system manifests in us?

If you're insterested in dismantling the system or disrupting what is and looking for a supportive community of activists to share the path with this is the circle for you.

We meet on or around the new moon every month. 6pm UK time / 8pm SA time via Zoom.

January 13th 2021

February 11th 2021

March 13th 2021

April 11th 2021

May 11th 2021

June 10th 2021

July 10th 2021

August 8th 2021

September 8th 2021

October 6th 2021

November 4th 2021

December 4th 2021

Why the new moon? It's time to manifest the new, time to get back to nature. We have lost our connection to nature. Working with the moon cyles is a way to regain our connection to the natural cycles of the planet and of ourselves.

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