Radical Acceptance Circle

Radical ACceptance Circle

Imgine all feelings were made equal and that all feelings were welcome. That is what we hope to offer here in the Radical Acceptance Circle. We take our seats at the center of the process of rebirth, where truama, grief and loss act as out teachers. Where shattering and splattering are an everyday occurrence. Rage won't tear us apart. Pain can't break us. Trauma is a soft comforting friend offering all the ways we could be loved. Tears, tantrums too, you can happily wear a tiara. You can probably show up naked (though that hasn't happened yet). We are here to listen and respond in what ever way that works for you. Sometimes we wail. Sometimes we sing. Our circle responds to whatever emerges. Where radical acceptance is real. Where breakdown recovery is possible and emergency repair is all part of the service. Turn up entirely as you are and we will do our best to bring you the compassion you deserve and the recogntion that you need. Swearing and explicit language are all used here.

We meet twice a week Monday 1pm and Friday 3pm, UK time via Zoom. We gather together until we are complete. Though you are welcome to flit in an out as you like.

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